Quality of Care

Hearing Specialists of Texas provides comprehensive audiology and hearing-health services for the greater Houston area.  We specialize in state of the art evaluation and treatment technologies for patients of all ages with hearing and balance disorders.  Our Audiologists work with board-certified physicians specializing in ENT disorders - bringing together a broad range of knowledge and clinical experience our patients value.

"From my first visit with Dr. Anthis and Dr. Dukes, I couldn't have been more relaxed and pleased with my interaction with them.  The office is run extremely well, the people are kind, friendly and efficient.  I felt that Dr. Anthis and Dr. Dukes equally made me feel comfortable and confident that the care and treatment were of top quality.  In fact, my company changed healthcare providers beginning 8-1 and although I had to pay a higher deductible and co-pay for non-network, I refused to change from using these physicians.   It is very much worth the additional cost to me to feel as comfortable as they make me feel."

We focus on you...

We want to build a relationship and act as a partner to improve your hearing and overall health.  We value your time and understand that each person has unique hearing challenges and needs. Hearing loss can be a stressful experience until you reach out and ask for help. Start the conversation now.

"For someone that really had a issue with ENT's and Audiologist's from a very young age, the doctors at Texas ENT have made my visits very pleasant and pain free. I was recommended for hearing aids at the age of 13, I finally broke down and got them at the age of 49, and they have been wonderful. I dreaded the hearing test but it only took minutes to complete. Melissa made the whole experience a piece of cake."

Hearing Better, Living Better...

Our Audiologists strive to help bridge the gap between your clinical, economical and emotional needs.  They understand the challenges of today's healthcare landscape and will make every effort to ensure your comfort and confidence in your treatment. Our emphasis on diagnostic accuracy helps guarantee greater success in providing a solution that is best for you and your unique situation.

“I have worn hearing aids for a long time, but have never heard as well as I do with my new Versos. They work great for me in noisy places. I love going out again!”