More Than Hearing Aids

As Audiologists, we are in the communication business. Patients don’t necessarily come to us because they want the latest innovations in hearing aid technology. Patients see us because they are having difficulties communicating effectively. Listening is at the heart of good communication. When our ability to listen is impaired, good communication breaks down.

With hearing loss, certain sounds become more difficult to discern. For example, the letters B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V, and Z sound very similar. With a degree of hearing loss the words Back, Pack and Tack can all sound alike. The listener hears the “ack” sound but is uncertain of the leading sound. The brain will try to fill in the gaps by the context of the surrounding words.  Misunderstanding single words in a sentence changes the speaker’s intent entirely.

And think about these numbers; 15, 16, 50, and 60. Say them out loud and you can hear that they are very similar. In a financial transaction a $60 is a lot more than $15.

As spouses, these bits of miscommunication can place a great strain on the relationship. The spouse is actually listening and attentive, they are just mishearing. Compound all those pieces of misunderstanding and the frustration can mount. Because our daily lives are filled with frequent communication, it isn’t just impacting our closest relationships. It can impact the quality of our work and simple interactions like a trip to the store.

If you feel you (or your spouse) are misunderstanding things in everyday conversations at home, work or out and about, make an appointment to have your hearing evaluated by one of our audiologists. By addressing any underlying hearing loss, we can help you to fill in those gaps in communication.