Learning from the Best...

Earlier this month Laurel Christensen, Ph.D. met with the audiologists from the Hearing Specialists of Texas.  Dr. Christensen is the Chief Audiology Officer for the GN ReSound Group and spoke with our team about the newest hearing technology: the ReSound LiNX2.  Like it's predecessor, the LiNX2 hearing aid is the cutting edge solution for your hearing problems and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and some Android model phones.  This is no carbon copy device with a new look!    GN Resound  is expanding on the overwhelming success of the award winning LiNX hearing aid by enhancing the sound quality via Spatial Sound.  LiNX2 is getting amazing reviews from even the most experienced hearing aid users and our patients are experiencing better success in their ability to localize exactly where sounds are coming from.  In addition to it's improved performance the LiNX2 offers better battery life to extend the time the patient can wear their hearing aid.

Our Audiologists are well trained and ready to work with our patients and the LiNX2 hearing aids.  Our goal is to help our patients achieve better hearing.  Please call 281-897-6066 to schedule an appointment with one of our Audiologists today.

Laurel A. Christensen, Ph.D. is the Chief Audiology Officer for GN ReSound Group.  In this role she leads a global team of audiologists that is responsible for all aspects of audiology for the company including new product trials, audiology input to marketing, and global audiology relations which encompasses training and product support to subsidiaries world-wide.  Prior to joining GN ReSound, she was a researcher and Director of Sales and Marketing at Etymotic Research in Elk Grove Village, IL.  Prior to this position, she was a tenured professor at Louisiana State University Medical Center and part of the Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory in New Orleans, LA.  Dr. Christensen holds adjunct faculty appointments at Northwestern and Rush Universities in Chicago.  She served as an Associate Editor for both Trends in Amplification and the Journal of Speech and Hearing Research.