Hear More, Earn More

Hearing loss impacts communication and that communication can impact our ability to perform work effectively. In a study of more than 40,000 households, the Better Hearing Institute concluded that people with untreated hearing loss lose up to $30,000 in annual income.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans with a hearing loss are in the workforce. The BHI study showed that when hearing loss is left unaddressed, it creates work difficulties, limits career success, reduces income, which in turn can reduce retirement income as well.

The study shows a strong relationship between the degree of hearing loss and unemployment for those who do not wear hearing aids. Those with severe hearing loss had unemployment rates (15.6%) double that of the normal-hearing population (7.8%), and nearly double that of their peers (8.3%) who use hearing aids.

In the same study, The Better Hearing Institute found that in cases of mild to moderate hearing loss, hearing aid use can reduce the risk of income loss by 90-100%. In cases of moderate to severe loss the risk of income loss for hearing aid wearers is reduced by 65-77%.

If you suspect any difficulty with your hearing, take control of your situation and see one of our audiologists to have your hearing thoroughly tested. Addressing any loss today can dramatically improve your lifetime earning potential.