8 Reasons to Have Your Hearing Checked

Hearing loss is often thought of as an unavoidable part of aging or the result of years of exposure to excessive noise. A growing body of research indicates hearing loss is an indicator to other health issues as well.

Diabetes: People with diabetes are twice as likely to have a hearing loss.
Cardiovascular Disease:  Research studies show a compelling relationship between hearing loss and poor cardiovascular fitness and high blood pressure.
Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The risk for cognitive decline may be up to five times greater for people with a hearing loss.
Hospitalization: Your risk of being hospitalized is one third greater if you have a hearing loss
Depression: Treating hearing loss improves relationships and reduces the feelings of depression and isolation.
Mortality: Hearing loss is linked to higher risk for death in older men.
Falling:  Hearing loss triples your risk of falling.
Kidney Disease: Patients with moderate chronic kidney disease are 43% more likely to have hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Signals Health Issues

Source: Better Hearing Institute


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