Selecting Your Hearing Aid

Dealing with a hearing loss can be overwhelming, but selecting your hearing aid is not. Our audiologists will explain how hearing aids work and ask you about your lifestyle, the activities you enjoy and the types of environments you live and work in. The best match is a hearing aid that meets your daily activity needs while providing you with a level of technology that best fits your unique hearing loss.

Hearing aids are feature packed to suit varying degrees of hearing loss and listening environments. There are many manufacturers of hearing aids and we choose to work with the world’s leading hearing aid brands. Selecting your hearing aid based on your individual hearing loss and listening lifestyle leads to greater patient satisfaction.

Let us help you better hear your spouse, children and grandchildren as well as friends and associates. We’ll ensure you will better understand conversations throughout your daily encounters and assist you with any listening challenges with television, radio and cell phone/telephone.

Schedule an appointment today and see why so many of our patients are experiencing better hearing – and better health. Why wait?