At Hearing Specialists of Texas, we offer hearing aids that can comfortably fit within most budgets and we understand that cost is always an issue. With the sheer variety of hearing aid types and manufacturers, there will always be a wide range of price points available on the market.

Prices are most often driven by the research and development that goes into the process of bringing more sophisticated and advanced solutions to market. We cannot, at this time, duplicate the quality of hearing most of us enjoyed in our youth but with each year, the sound and cosmetic quality available improves.

The old adage that you get what you pay for is not far off the mark with respect to hearing aids. You will have undoubtedly seen advertisements for "hearing aids as low as $149". These mechanisms come without custom fitting and no education or follow ups. And what's more, they can actually damage your hearing even further. They are a one-size fits all solution that ends up not fitting anyone very well. Lastly -  each of your ears will have a different level of hearing impairment. These devices can leave you simply frustrated and confused.

The best way to ensure you spend only as much as you need to -- yet get the best you can afford -- is to educate yourself. Come in to Hearing Specialists of Texas and talk to one of our audiologists.


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