Other Assistive Devices

The term 'assistive listening device or "ALD” generally refers to a group of devices that help overcome background noise or poor acoustics by amplifying sound.  They do this through a variety of technologies ranging from a simple microphone wired to a speaker to sound broadcast wirelessly through a Bluetooth device. You have probably seen signs for personal FM systems at museums or conferences. But ALD's can also be set up in your home to help to help with listening to the television, computer or radio.

These personal amplifiers expand the functionality of hearing aids and cochlear implants as speech/sound is transmitted directly to the ear. This lessens the effect of distance and other ambient noise, making it easier for a person to hear a specific sound source.

At Hearing Specialists of Texas, we offer a wide range of assisted listening devices and keep updated on the newest technologies and integrations available. Talk to your audiologist about whether  an ADL is a good fit for your needs.