Fitting Your Hearing Aid

Fitting techniques and technology have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. At Hearing Specialists of Texas, we focus on using only those tools that have been shown to provide exceptional benefits in the fitting of your hearing aid. Our audiologists are constantly improving their ability to guarantee the best fit possible.

Hearing Specialists of Texas | Fitting Your Hearing Aid | Houston TX

Initial fit

When you first get your hearing aid, they will be adjusted and programmed to provide the correct amount of amplification specific to your needs. One of our audiologists will then help you with proper alignment and placement of the hearing aid - based on the type and model that you and your audiologist have chosen. Adjustments will be made to ensure the fit meets your comfort and amplification needs.

Follow up

Follow-up appointments are meant to get you to a position where you no longer have to think about your hearing aids - they are simply part of your day. We work with you during this time, to educate and make any needed adjustments to your new hearing instrument. Our audiologists will answer questions and provide you with additional materials if needed. We encourage our patients to think of our audiologists as members of their healthcare team - long term partners in ensuring the best sound quality and comfort possible.