Hearing Aids

Every individual is different and has unique hearing needs, we will help you understand the various hearing aids and options available. At Hearing Specialists of Texas, we promote healthy hearing by tailoring a hearing solution to your specific lifestyle needs. With our extensive experience and selection, we offer you the very best in hearing technology. Our audiologists provide guidance and support to ensure enduring appreciation and satisfaction with your hearing aid.

Hearing Solutions for YOUR Lifestyle..

Premium hearing aids are designed for “very active” individuals who engage in a variety of activities at home and at work. This level of technology is recommended most often for patients who are often in these listening environments:

  • Social environments
  • Conversations with small groups
  • Work meetings or networking
  • Shopping or eating out
  • Conversations in public places
  • Concert or sporting events

Premium hearing aids are a good fit for active golfers or outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Our audiologists will carefully explain the features and benefits of this top tier innovative hearing technology and how it will assist you in the most difficult listening environments.

Advanced hearing aids are designed for “active” individuals who engage in activities at home. They are most often recommended for individuals who are often in these listening environments:

  • Casual conversations
  • Conversations with small groups
  • Social or work related meetings
  • Shopping or occasional outdoor activities

If your daily hearing environment is consistent with this mid level hearing technology, our audiologists  will explain the differences between the Premium and Advanced instruments to ensure you are fit with the appropriate hearing aid.

Standard hearing aids best assist individuals who live a “quiet” lifestyle. They are the best fit for:

  • Engaging in activities at home
  • Casual conversations at work or in social environments
  • Need assistance listening to the television, radio or telephone

If this technology relates to you, our audiologists will walk you through the differences in features and benefits of Premium, Advanced and Standard instruments.

No matter what your hearing loss, level of social activity or financial budget, Hearing Specialists of Texas offers the best hearing care in the greater Houston area.  Call us and make an appointment today.