Hear the Sounds of Summer for the Rest of Your Life

The mercury’s rising and so are the decibels!  As we approach Fourth of July celebrations, some of us are excited to light off fireworks or just enjoy the fabulous local lightshows. Indeed, the patriotic celebrations can be a sight to behold but BEWARE! the sounds conveyed may impact you long after the Fourth has passed. Whether you’re the Master of Affairs or a front-row spectator, adequate hearing protection should always be included in your safety gear.

From a distance of 3 feet away, fireworks can produce a deafening decibel level: 150-175 Db. For a little perspective, consider these decibel levels:

  • 60 Decibels: Normal communication, moderate rainfall, clothes dryer
  • 80-90 Decibels: Hairdryer, blender, food processor
  • 100-110 Decibels: Hand drill, snow blower, chainsaw, most live rock concerts
  • 130 Decibels: Jackhammer
  • 140 Decibels: Jet engine at 100 feet
  • 150-175 Decibels: Fireworks at 3 feet, 12 Gauge shotgun blast
  • 180 Decibels: Immediate death of hearing tissue
  • 194 Decibels: Loudest sound possible

From a medical perspective, your exposure to certain decibel levels becomes important if you’re regularly exposed to levels over 80 or with short-term exposure to levels over 140. Fireworks fall into the latter category, potentially ringing in at 150-175. And once you lose your hearing, it won’t be returning.


Wearing appropriate hearing protection can help preserve good hearing.

If you’re in charge of setting off the fireworks, if you’re someone who loves to be up close or if you’re simply attending a fireworks display, consider wearing appropriate hearing protection. Doing so may help you to enjoy the sounds of fireworks displays, live concerts and even normal conversation for the throughout your life. At Hearing Specialists of Texas, we encourage you to wear hearing protection suitable for loud environments. Whatever the high decibel environment you’re around, we want you to preserve your hearing so you can enjoy all of life’s sounds longer.

Hear the Sounds of Summer for the Rest of Your Life!